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Be bronzed and interesting (pale people don’t have the monopoly on being interesting)

This week ES is celebrating London. Think of it as your pre-Olympics guide: where to to go, what to wear, which brands to invest in. Even if you’re not going to the Olympics, it will be pretty useful. In today's email we asked trend-setting London-based beauty brand Illamasqua for bronzing advice. If we must give up our summer holiday to sit through two consecutive football matches (yes, this is happening for one member of our team) then we'd at least like to look like we've had two weeks in Italy. If you're in London, pop into Illamasqua's HQ in Soho – you can shop collection and enjoy a makeover. We asked Illamasqua make-up artist Charlotte Savory for her bronzing advice. Follow her tips to ensure you look more Bo Derek in 10 and less TOWIE.


“Always start with your natural colour and build it up. Illamasqua’s Powder Foundation (£21.50) is generally great (choose one that’s two shades darker than your natural colour). If you want some daytime shimmer, start very lightly across the cheeks and avoid shimmer all over the face. When it comes to liquid or powder products it depends on the individual: if you prefer a dewy skin, liquids are preferable; if you have oily skin, I would advise a matte bronzing product."


“If you start with a matte look for day you can create an evening look by intensifying your blusher with shimmer or deepening the shade of your bronzer. Illumine Oil (£25, pictured below) in gold and silver shades gives a sultry glimmer and is ideal for after dark. For an on-trend edge I think a blush colour can really enhance a bronzed look and this season coral shades look really fresh.”


“On darker skins you have to be careful on how much shimmer you apply. Perhaps apply a matte powder underneath your cheekbones and up towards your temples and hairline and a shimmer down the centre of your face. With darker skin tones you can really set off your look with a deep red blusher.”


“Often, with bronzer, people are only concerned with looking darker, but you have to make sure you think about your skin tone and what suits you. In general, avoid icy colours, especially if you have darker skin, as they often can appear grey and ashy. It’s better to stick to golden tones and avoid anything with large particles of glitter, so you can achieve an even finish. Our Bronzing Duo (£20.50) is very effective.”


“A great bronzing tip is to combine your primer and illuminator as a base, before applying foundation. You can achieve a beautiful natural glow. Also, brushes: the Blusher Brush 2 (£26) is a multi-tasker and works very well on the contours of the face. If you want to continue your tan onto your body, use a big and fluffy brush such as the Kabuki Brush (£39) – it’s a big fanned out brush that works brilliantly on the body and legs.”


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