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Not for your teenage make-up bag

Concealer has come a long, long way from one chalky tube


No Rash Promises

ReCover is a British brand started by make-up artist Annabel Jardella and this concealer is designed to minimise facial redness. It works well for rash-like blemishes and swathes of smaller spots. Look out for under eye and pigmentation products coming this autumn. Correct and Conceal Red, £28, ReCover

colour concealer

Paint Your Way

Model’s Own claims its new Flawless Concealer Palette, £8.99, will banish under eye issues. It has a slippy consistency, to work well in that area, but we like it best on cheeks – meaning the palette comes into its own, allowing for different colours on different areas as needed. It can make darker skins appear ashen so opt instead for the Flawless Concealer in Deep, £8.99.

concealer pen

Eyes, Cheeks, etc

Tom Ford’s Concealing Pen (£42, Selfridges) comes in six different shades as a liquid you twist up through a sponge applicator – although, as ever, it does benefit from brush blending. It was the best we found for under eyes and the packaging feels satisfying in the hand.

marc jacobs concealer

The Marble Project

Say hello to the pretty one – the Marc Jacobs Cover(t) Stick Colour Corrector (£28, Harrods). With an attractive marbled effect, it smooths onto your face like silk. Good for grand sweeps such as a bit of highlighting, for minimising redness (the Co(vert) Affairs shade) or dullness (Bright Now).

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