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We’re sorry we left you, brown lipstick

Despite years in the beauty wilderness, it's pretty flattering to the vast majority of people

A brown Bobbi Brown lipstick

Bobbi Brown

US makeup artist Bobbi is the OG when it comes to brown lip shades. Back in 1991, she launched her first cosmetics line of just 10 lip colours. The Original 10 (as they're known) are still available to buy (£21 each). Opt for Brown if your lips have a pink undertone, or Burnt Red for a stronger crushed brick colour.

Gucci's brown lipstick


We saw a woman on the tube and were so transfixed by her amazing metallic-but-not-robotic lip shade that we had to ask what it was (way less creepy than just staring at her mouth). The answer was Gucci's Iconic Copper (£28). The high levels of colour pigment and the shine effect make it sing against mid-brown to black skin.

By Terry brown lipstick

By Terry

Not as strongly coloured (or as matte) as you would think from looking in the tube or even from swatching it on your hand, By Terry's Rouge-Expert Click Stick in Bare Me (£24.50) applies as a surprisingly subtle wash of pink-based brown. It's sheer enough to suit pretty much everyone.

Charlotte Tilbury brown lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury

A smooth, velvety brown with a slight brick/orange cast, Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution lipstick in Birkin Brown (£23) looks like the kind of shade favoured by Bjork and Tori Amos circa 1994 (but with all the moisturising science of the 21st Century). Charlotte Tilbury's thoughtful, so she's had models with 10 different skin tones try it out. Visit her site to find the one nearest to yours.

Rimmel London Brown Lipstick

Rimmel London

The Kate Nudes collection is one of the many evolutions of Kate Moss' collaboration with Rimmel. Of the lipsticks, we're especially keen on shade 48 (£5.50), which looks just like the kind of colour Moss herself would have worn when she and Naomi Campbell used to go out partying in nearly-matching slip dresses.

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