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Five (legal) things to do with a Kirby grip

Five easy styles they make possible

Kirby grips (or bobby pins, to some) aren’t just for stray strands and losing down the seams of your makeup bag. Here’s five easy styles they make possible

Three pin hairstyle

Golden triangle

We’ve seen this three-pin effect in a few places recently. Maybe it’s that geometric shapes are everywhere, all the time; more likely it’s because it looks slick but is ridiculously simple. On her blog, stylist Brandi Lisenbe gives two excellent instructions on pinning the strands: use contrasting pins to your hair, and there are no rules.

French Twist hairstyle

Go French

This, from Irrelephant Blog, is the one we’re looking to for a post-work transformation when we’ve got a “thing” which calls for a bit more than taking our hair out of a ponytail. It’s a French Twist that is far-from-impossible, on hair that is about as neat as ours to begin with.

Hairstyle with kirby grips as a pattern

Pattern power

Grips aren’t only for holding things in place; they’re also good for just looking really cool. Vlogger Naptural85 shows how to do that in thick, curly hair – great for exposed pins because there’s a bit more body to work with. Go to 1.54 mins in for our favourite, the chevron pattern (and make them even cooler like this).

French bun hairstyle

Neatly does it

If you have long hair but cannot do (read: cannot commit to practising) a French braid, this bun (at 2.19 mins in) is the one. Instead of plaiting it, Jennifer Klingvall talks through a detailed step-by-step which explains how small twists become a big twist before being tucked and pinned. Convinced we can do it even without tumbling Swedish locks.

Hair out of eyes hairstyle

Tidy tresses

Ticking boxes all the way from practical (hair out of eyes!) to de-volumising (needs a cut!) via looks great (wore yesterday’s clothes!), this hard-working pinned-back style is doable on most lengths. On Life, Set Sail you can see how to do it the proper way, but we’d just comb our fingers through our hair and start gripping from there.

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