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Au revoir Imperial Leather

These five beauty bars are far from one-size fits all


Simple and soothing

There are only four ingredients in this cleansing bar: oats, honey, olive oil and coconut oil, meaning it’s ideal for sensitive and dry skin. The honey and oils are rich and moisturizing and help it foam gently rather than with masses of bubbles. The oats are a natural exfoliant, and will make skin feel cleansed. Honey and oatmeal cleansing bar, £6, Odylique


On the spot

If you get spots but your skin stings at most cleansers, the Fresh Farmacy bar from Lush is made for you. The creamy bar contains chamomile blue oil for its soothing properties and tea tree oil to ease sore spots and breakouts and leaves a matt feel. It’s best for use on oilier skin as other types may find it drying. Fresh Farmacy, £5.25 per 100g, Lush


Deep clean

This Russian brand launched late last year and this black soap combines activated carbon, which helps draw out impurities, with herbs and plant extracts found in Siberia. It doesn’t look like your trad bar but once applied with the supplied sponge it reveals its soapy nature, foaming up, then rinsing away to leave skin super clean in look and feel. It also smells delicious, a little like marzipan. Northern Detox Soap, £14.21, Natura Siberica


Egg on your face

Lanolin is a super intensive moisturizer and egg white is good for tightening up skin. This cult favourite from Sweden contains both, plus rose oil, and works as a cleanser and mild face mask. Lather it up and rinse off, or leave on for five minutes to leave pores feeling super clean. And look how pretty the packet is. Lanolin-Agg-Tval Swedish soap, £3.99, Victoria Soap

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