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Our favourite mud masks

The lowly mud mask has climbed out of the ooze and become something rather sophisticated


Fast fixer

We like masks that can be applied in a slapdash fashion and rinsed off after 10 minutes for properly clean skin, but without that awful tight feeling. Aesop’s Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque has a herbal scent like an old fashioned chemist’s and the grey, chalky clay is positively crammed with good things like rose geranium, primrose seed and sage leaf to decongest normal, oily or neglected complexions. £29, Aesop


Rose petal smooth

Gentle and delicious-smelling, Wild Rose is one of Korres’ signature ingredients. With more Vitamin C than an orange, this peeling mask is particularly good for tackling pigmentation and fine lines. This is the one for those who prefer their masks to be less ‘muddy’ and more like buttercream icing. £26, Debenhams


New age

There's something extremely satisfying about painting your face with Wei’s Golden Root Purifying Mud mask using the soft-bristled brush that accompanies your set of eight dinky, single serve ‘pods’ of chocolate-like mask. A powerful antioxidant, Golden Root was traditionally reserved for Chinese royalty but its free-radical-fighting properties are available for all to enjoy these days. You can also use it as an emergency spot treatment. £34, Cult Beauty


Wonder spa

Did you know Cowshed began, quite literally, in an old cow shed in the grounds of Soho House’s country manor, Babington House? They turned it into a spa and found inspiration in the nearby Victorian walled garden for the plant-based products used in the treatments. Mineral-rich Kaolin clay works with Palmarosa to absorb oil and unclog pores, while Irish moss and almond oil soothe and put the goodness back in. £24, Cowshed


Pharma cool

Vichy is one of those reassuringly sensible European pharmacy brands that have been quietly doing their thing for the best part of a century. You just know all the science has gone into this mask, plus a generous slosh of Vichy’s thermal spa water. It’s got two fine white clays (Kaolin and Bentonite) to do the pore-unclogging and purifying thing, plus plant extracts and the aforementioned thermal water to treat damaged, fragile skin gently. £14, My Dermacenter

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