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Summer Goth

Do you disdain pastels? Beachy waves? Flower crowns? Sunbathing? Embrace the darkside. It’s cooler in the shade


Free your lines

Illamasqua has always taken the line that it makes highly pigmented colours and what you do with them is up to you. This approach reaches its apotheosis in the sketch stick, which is literally a stick for drawing on your skin. It comes in a range of colours, but for summer goth vibes we’re using the black shade, haze (£15).


Mix your own

Mac’s innovative Lipmix creams (£14.50) allow you to blend your very own customisable lip shades. Channel the dark side by combining the black one with their powder pigment in Basic Red (£16) and move the darkness of your lipstick up and down as the mood takes you.


Keep your lips on

It’s a given that gooey, dark lipstick will spread all over everything your lips touch. Consider it a way of marking your territory. But keeping the same level of panache is hard when it’s migrated over your face. Meet Lipstick Queen’s genius invisible lipliner (£18), which keeps colour on your mouth.


Live in sin

Julie Hewett’s Lipstick Noir Collection claims to have the perfect red shade for everyone. We alighted on the Sin shade (£19, Cult Beauty), a gorgeous deep aubergine wine shade made for spaced-out flapper girls, seductive vampires and other assorted creatures of the night.

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