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The best independent perfumes

Sophisticated, but in a leftfield way

We’re so often attracted by big names that we forget that smaller companies are making delectable scents you won’t smell on everyone else. Well, apart from us.


Gardener’s world

We never thought we’d fall in love with the scent of celery. But apparently we have; it’s a key ingredient in Tardes by Barcelona-based Carner. It – along with almond wood – balances sweet rose and geranium notes; it’s like a garden at the end of a long sunny day. £125, Bloom Perfumery


Weekend getaway

One whiff of Ideo’s Weekend a Fontainebleau and the mix of lime, rose, jasmine and sandalwood took us straight back to memories of chic ladies shopping in posh department stores when we were growing up. This scent makes us feel like we could actually be one of those chic ladies. £140, Liberty


Oh the white woods

Juliet Has A Gun certainly wins the prize for the fragrance house with the wackiest last name, but it should also pick up a few nods for its most recent scent, White Spirit. It’s a long-lasting perfume that smells of white flowers, with a woody undertone. Sophisticated, but in a leftfield way. £200, Selfridges


Citrus heights

It’s likely you’ll know Diptyque for its beautiful (looking and smelling) candles. It also does brilliant perfumes; Eau des Sens blooms with orange blossom, juniper berries and a hint of patchouli. Having said that, it is light, so apply generously for more impact. £60, Space NK

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