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The coolest eyeliner pens

Bored of drawing the same kind of line on your lids every day? These pens will liven things up a bit.

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Everyone’s biggest woe when it comes to getting liner to do what you want on your eyelids is getting the shape right (and not having to wipe it off and start again). The Models Own I-Definer is clever because one end is a pencil you can trace a line with first, and the other is the ink pen. It comes in five colours. £7.99, Models Own

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Super fine

Speaking from experience, NARS products make it much easier to achieve a flawless-looking face without any dexterity whatsoever, and it actually stays put. Their Stylo range of eye pens includes four subtle colours – blue, black, grey and brown – with a thin tip to help you get it right first time. £21, NARS

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Rainbow shades

These new Sketch Markers have gone down a storm in our office. Trust: editor Anna can now be found covered in sky blue ink, she’s arty like that. The liquid pens come in 12 shades – our other favourites are papaya peach and pure white. £17, Too Faced

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Double dip

Designer Tom Ford’s eponymous makeup line doesn’t hit a high street price point, but everything we’ve tried from the range proves why. This dual-ended eye pen in the darkest black has two functions: an incredibly slim calligraphy tip and a brush, so you can make it do a lot more than just a cat eye flick. £43, Selfridges

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Go aqua

What’s better than one liquid liner? Three. Laura Geller’s calligraphy set includes your standard black, but there’s also emerald green and cobalt blue. They’re designed to be long-lasting and aren’t messy to apply; we’d match them with a very light gold shadow for a night out. £23.54, QVC

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