Win one of 100 Paul Mitchell® Dry Washes

Live from Friday 8 January

Express yourself and refresh your style in an instant with Paul Mitchell® Dry Wash® (Waterless Shampoo).

The holy grail of speedy styling is just a click away. This spray’s dry formula instantly leaves hair looking and feeling freshly washed with a clean scent. The ultra-fine, colourless formula leaves no residue, making it ideal for all hair types and colours. A party essential.

Why you’ll love Dry Wash®:

1. Revive your look: Make hair look and feel freshly washed, so your style lasts days longer.
2. Absorb excess oils: Add fullness and texture right at the roots where you need it most.
3. Prolong hair colour: Less shampooing means longer-lasting hair colour without the fade.
4. Freshen up post-workout: Keep hair fresh and smelling great, even after you break a sweat.

Get The Look – ‘The between blow-outs’

1. Part hair at the base and spray Dry Wash® at the scalp and roots until the entire head is covered.

2. Brush through to distribute.

3. Turn head upside down, spray Dry Wash® on hands and scrunch into the ends of hair.

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