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Four books with Easter Scenes

Number 10's finest inhabitants


By Joanne Harris (£7.99, Transworld) The tensions between the free-thinking, witchy chocolatier Vianne Rocher and the austere Catholic Priest Father Reynaud become even more tense in the run up to Easter. Father Reynaud sees Vianne’s lush window displays and sugary tastes as an affront to the Lenten fasting period. Things come to a head around Good Friday.

Purple Hibiscus

By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (£6.99, Harper Collins) The debut novel from the much-loved author, Purple Hibiscus follows Kambili, a young Nigerian girl raised by her strict and religious father. When a coup takes place, Kambali is sent to live with her aunt and her rebellious cousin Amaka. Amaka cares fiercely about her identity as a Nigerian and rejects several of the trappings of Catholicism, refusing to choose a Biblical confirmation name and to attend church on Easter Sunday.

Pride and Prejudice

By Jane Austen (£7.99, Vintage) Easter Sunday is a significant day in Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth is staying in Kent with her friend Charlotte and Charlotte’s new husband Mr Collins. Mr Darcy is staying nearby with his aunt Lady Catherine. He is seen once “at church” on Good Friday, but it’s a visit on Easter Sunday where he begins to pay special attention to Elizabeth…

The Sound and the Fury

By William Faulkner (£8.99, Vintage) Much of William Faulkner’s ground-breaking experimental novel is set around the Easter period in 1928. The Compsons are an aristocratic family who are falling apart in the American Deep South: they are loveless, self-centred and decadent. Many of the novels significant events (deaths, loss of virginity) are linked to Easter themes.

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