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Four great new books from September

You can still squeeze a few more new releases in before the month is out

1. Another Day in the Death of America

by Gary Younge (£16.99, Faber and Faber) Gary Younge’s journalism is always thoughtful, powerful and well-written, and this book is no exception. On November 23rd 2013, 10 children were shot dead in the United States. Younge, who chose a date at random, investigates their stories, building up a portrait of contemporary America. Out today.

2. The Wonder

by Emma Donoghue (£14.99, Picador) An 11 year-old child ceases to eat, but remains alive and well. Is she a fraud? Set in the exact centre of Ireland, just seven years after the potato famine, Room author Donoghue creates an eerie world where misplaced faith has the power to destroy.

3. Bastards

by Mary Anna King (£10.99, WW Norton) Mary Hall (now Mary King) grew up poor in New Jersey with many siblings and parents who were unable to take care of them. She is adopted by her grandparents, making her mother her sister and her nephew her brother. Gradually, the sisters she lost touch with start to find her. This is funny and moving.

4. Orphans of the Carnival

by Carol Birch (£11.99, Canongate) Julia Pastrana was born in Mexico in the 1800s with a genetic condition that shaped her jaw and caused full body hair. Orphans of the Carnival is a fictionalised account of her life.

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