The Emerald Street Literary Festival 2017: the line-up

10 June 2017 | The Royal Geographical Society

Kate Mosse and the Baileys Prize Finalists

Why do we love to talk about books?

Finalists from this year’s Baileys Women’s Prize For Fiction discuss the question with the Prize’s co-founder Kate Mosse, including the first public appearance from 2017 winner Naomi Alderman, author of The Power after the prize on Wednesday

SOLD OUT Telling true stories: explaining narrative journalism

Many of the best stories are absolutely true. Clare Longrigg, deputy editor of the Guardian Long Read, and author of Mafia and No Questions asked, guides us through what longform journalism is and how to write it. A must for anyone who believes non-fiction is as creative as fiction, or who enjoys settling down with a longer article. 

SOLD OUT Top five writing tips from The Faber Academy

Richard Skinner is the Director of the Fiction Programme at Faber Academy. This workshop gives you the chance to sample one of Richard’s highly respected courses.

SOLD OUT Emerald Street Presents: Daisy Johnson

Daisy Johnson published Emerald Street’s favourite short story collection of last year. She reads from Fen and talks to our editor Anna Fielding about myths, magic and being a girl in a small town. 

SOLD OUT Emerald Street Presents: Cosey Fanni Tutti 

Cosey Fanni Tutti first became famous with the avant-guard band Throbbing Gristle and the performance art collective COUM. Her confrontational art practice led to sex work and tabloid hysteria. She reads from her new autobiography Art Sex Music and speaks to writer Juliet Jacques.

Talking about race in today’s Britain

Reni Eddo-Lodge, author of Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race, joins Coco Khan, journalist and contributor to The Good Immigrant, and Sabrina Mahfouz, playwright and editor of The Things I would Tell You: British Muslim Women Write

SOLD OUT Show a witch some respect! Why we’re still fascinated by witchcraft

What is it about witchcraft that still holds our attention? Beth Underdown, author of The Witchfinder’s Sister, and Syd Moore, author of Strange Magic, discuss our uncanny fascination with Emerald Street’s Anna-Marie Crowhurst. 

SOLD OUT Emerald Street Presents: Elif Shafak

Writer and academic Elif Shafak is the most widely-read female author in Turkey. She talks about her homeland, how we tell stories and her most recent novel Three Daughters of Eve

Sarah Perry in conversation with Lucy Mangan

Sarah Perry’s The Essex Serpent has been one of the best-selling books of the last year. She discusses Essex girls, serpents and writing a best-seller with Stylist columnist Lucy Mangan.

SOLD OUT Where is travel writing going?

Earlier this year, literary magazine Granta asked if travel writing was dead. Granta editor Sigrid Rausing speaks with the Rough Guide, illustrator and writer Alice Stevenson, and a group of travel writers. Hosted by journalist Anna Hart, author of the forthcoming Departures

SOLD OUT Emerald Street presents: Robin Dalton

Now 96, writer Robin Dalton has lived an amazing life, from her bohemian childhood in Sydney to mixing with aristocrats and film stars in Europe. She has been a literary agent, a film producer and a spy for the Thai government. Robin is one of the most fascinating women you will ever hear speak

The Moth StorySLAM

Storytelling collective The Moth, globally famous for its live events and podcasts, brings one of their unique StorySLAMS to The Emerald Street Literary Festival. Everyone has a tale to tell. Will you tell yours?

All it takes is a 5-minute, personal and true story told without notes and on the night’s theme: Respect Prepare a five-minute story about reverence. Honoring the worth of a person, an idea, a process or a way of life. Giving credence to your elders or your inner voice. Paying careful attention to powerful forces like nature, fire… or your mother!  

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