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The Line Up


Kate Mosse and the Baileys Prize Finalists

Session: The Baileys Prize: are female spaces in literature important? 

Finalists from this year's Baileys Prize For Women's Fiction discuss the question with the Prize's founder Kate Mosse.

Jessie Burton

Session: The Muse, The Miniaturist: talking to Jessie Burton

The celebrated author talks to us about her best-selling debut novel The Miniaturist and her upcoming book The Muse.

Caroline Criado-Perez and Marina Lewycka

Session: What has the EU ever done for women?

With just 12 days to go until Britain's European referendum, we ask if women are better off voting to leave or remain. Activist and writer Caroline Criado-Perez and Marina Lewycka, author of A Short History of Tractors Ukrainian and Two Caravans, discuss the issues with Emerald Street editor Anna Fielding.

This Must Be Maggie O'Farrell

Session: This Must Be Maggie O'Farrell

Maggie O'Farrell is one of Britain's most loved authors. She joins Emerald Street to talk about her writing life and to read from and discuss her seventh novel This Must Be the Place.

Sarah Perry

Session: Emerald Street Presents: Sarah Perry

The Emerald Street Presents… strand gives you the chance to hear from authors we really love in an intimate environment. We reviewed Sarah Perry's 2014 debut After Me Comes The Flood, calling it "Tense and sinister… and fat with strange detail". She's wowed us again with The Essex Serpent, combining a love story of sorts with the possibility of a mythical monster. Hear Sarah read from The Essex Serpent and answer your questions.

Richard Skinner

Session: Faber Academy: The Bare Bones of Stories

Richard Skinner is the Director of the Fiction Programme at Faber Academy. This workshop gives you the chance to sample one of Richard's highly respected courses.

Kit de Waal

Session: Emerald Street Presents: Kit de Waal

The Emerald Street Presents… strand gives you the chance to hear from authors we really love in an intimate environment. Kit De Waal's debut book My Name Is Leon covers race, class and the British foster care system. It's an incredible book - and Kit is an incredible woman: she used part of her publishing advance to set up a scholarship for disadvanted writers. Kit will read from her work and answer your questions.

Amy Liptrot and Bryony Gordon

Session: Writing about the dark times

Amy Liptrot's The Outrun is a beautiful, painful memoir covering the author's alcohol addiction and her redemption on the Orkney islands. Bryony Gordon's is a brave and inspiring book about OCD, depression and bulimia. Bryony and Amy will be talking together about their respective memoirs and why they chose to write about such difficult times.

Scarlett Thomas

Session: Emerald Street Presents: Scarlett Thomas

The Emerald Street Presents strand gives you the chance to hear from authors we really love in an intimate environment. Scarlett has written seven novels. Last year we described The Seed Collectors as "fun and thoughtful" which is typical of Scarlett's writing style. She combines new ideas and sharp observations with humour and the ability to be somewhat filthy.

Laura Barnett: a sneak preview

Session: Laura Barnett: a sneak preview

Laura Barnett's debut novel The Versions of Us was an unusual love story, following the same couple through three different life paths. Join Laura for an exclusive reading from her newest book, not due for publication until 2017.


Session: A.L.Kennedy reads Serious Sweet

A.L. Kennedy is a prolific and brilliant writer of novels, short stories, screenplays and non-fiction. We're lucky to have her join us to discuss her new novel, Serious Sweet, which is poignant, funny and very inventive.

Holly Bourne

Session: Talking to girls about feminism

Holly Bourne is a Young Adult author of four novels, all with a strong feminist theme (mixed in with boys, sex, A-Levels and the occasional end of the world). Holly discusses why we should talk about feminism with younger women and how we go about doing it.

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