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“I choose violence.”

Girls of Thrones is our weekly look at the women of Westeros. Read on our feminised take on Season Six, Episode Eight, No One

Spoilers are coming...

Cersei Lannister had a choice. Would she go with the Faith Militant or would she allow things to get physical? After a pause, with the silent terror of her golden knight next to her, Cersei said: “I choose violence.” And whatever remains of Ser Gregor Clegane went into action. Not much remained of the Sparrow who stood in his way.

Over to Brienne of Tarth, who is quite happy dispensing sarcasm and superiority in situations she feels comfortable in. Faced with an encampment of thousands of soldiers, war horses, tents and a few siege towers, Pod turned to his knight and said:

“It looks like a siege, my lady.”

“You have a keen military mind Pod” was her dry response.

Interesting, then, that Brienne mostly accepted Jaime’s rather patronising “I’m proud of you”. And then also kept her mouth shut when he airily dismissed their disagreements of matters of honour and killing whole families with “we shouldn’t talk about politics”. It’s the kind of conversation you have with your UKIP-ing father-in-law, not with someone who has treated you as a peer.

Brienne found herself though (and gave us hope for a cool Brienne-Sansa friendship – because, God, those two could both do with a best mate). “Girls like her tend not to live very long,” said Jaime, dismissing Sansa and all the other “girls like her” with casual cynicism.

“I don’t think you know many girls like her,” countered Brienne.

As she and Pod escaped from Riverrun in a boat, there were worlds of sadness contained within the sad wave Brienne and Jaime exchanged. Generally, Jaime had treated Brienne with respect and as a worthy adversary – she liked that validation. And, in Brienne, Jaime saw the honourable knight he might have been.

Missandei over in Meereen is clearly a terrible lightweight, but her tipsy, awkward joke telling was rather sweet. The attack on Meereen by the slave masters from the rest of Slaver’s Bay felt genuinely terrifying, but having Daenerys show up on a dragon (looking Hollywood groomed too) and save the day felt a bit… repetitive? Boring? Predictable? It should never be predicable to have a woman show up on a dragon. Sort it out Game of Thrones.

And then to Arya Stark. Her chase sequence felt a little unrealistic. Yes, there are dragons and ice zombies and resurrections, but previously characters looked as though their wounds hurt, rather than bombing about like Bruce Willis. Still, it was good to see a fight scene between two skilled female fighters and not have it descend into hair pulling or the sexy slashing of costumes.

Arya also claimed the evening’s best line, despite some fierce competition from her former companion The Hound.

“I am Arya Stark of Winterfell,” she said. “And I’m going home.”



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