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Mouths of babes

This is Girls of Thrones, Emerald Street's female-focused Game of Thrones recap. We're on Season Six, Episode 7, The Broken Man

The text below is dark and full of spoilers.

We started these recap posts thinking “let’s look at the women, they usually have to use their power in more subtle ways. It will be good to shift the focus”. We still believe that, but then last night’s episode had Ian McShane (or Lovejoy, as he still is in a part of our hearts where it is forever Suffolk) in – and doesn’t that make you want to bounce around with happiness? Even if he was just a plot device to show that The Hound was alive and ended up hanging from a half-built Sept.

We digress. Back to the ladies.

An undisputed high point was the introduction of Lady Lyanna Mormont, ruling Bear Island with sense, practicality and fierceness – all at the age of 10. She’s not the first child ruler we’ve seen, but she is the best. Think about it. Joffrey: obvious sociopath. Robyn Aryyn: obvious sociopath combined with being a total drip. Even when Bran got a shot at being the temporary Lord of Winterfell he had a tendency to both panic and get bored. Lyanna owns it. Top marks for also accompanying her 62 men to the battlefield.

And on to Yara Grayjoy, who could be attempting tough love on Theon, but isn’t going to be winning any Sister of the Year awards. Her advice basically boiled down to ‘pull yourself together or commit suicide’. Still, it’s of a muchness with general Iron Islander behaviour. They’ve got the mouth and crotch-first swagger of a group of Manc lads tearing through Dublin on a stag do. With all the talk of tits and arse and “down the ale! All of the ale” it’s a surprise they weren’t asking the minstrels of Volantis to play Champagne Supernova while they all staggered about and hugged each other. Yara’s in charge, so she’s naturally going to get off with the prettiest babe there.

Margaery Baratheon is the one who kept her mouth shut. We knew Marg was playing a long game, proved by her passing a piece of parchment to her grandmother Olenna Tyrell. What was on it? A rose, the symbol of House Tyrell. Margarey is still playing for her home team, despite her apparent conversion.

Finally: Arya Stark cannot die right now. Otherwise that whole storyline in the House of Black and White – which took ages – has been for nothing. Nothing!

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