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Scared yet?

The X-Files will return next year but the Twin Peaks reboot was pushed back till 2017 *sob*. We’ve been looking for scary stuff to watch instead


American Horror Story

The fifth series of American Horror Story started on Monday in the US (and arrives on 20 October on FOX UK) but there’s no need to catch up – each series has its own story. They’re proper horror genre classics, from the first season Murder House, and the insane asylum of series two to editor Anna’s favourite, Coven, about witches in New Orleans. It moves between kitschy camp and properly scary. Series 1-3 are on UK Netflix and four will be there in two weeks.


Orphan Black

Canadian drama Orphan Black is pretty unique – Tatiana Maslany plays several parts, gradually revealed over the course of the first season when she finds out she’s a clone. It has gained a lot of great reviews, and is tense rather than scream-out-loud scary. BBC America has just renewed it for a fourth season. All of which means you have plenty of time and reason to get through the first three seasons on Amazon Prime.


Black Mirror

Yes, Black Mirror was in the news recently. No, we’re not including it for *that* episode (well, maybe a bit). The freakiest scenarios: one where Hayley Atwell’s character becomes obsessed with her dead boyfriend’s virtual avatar; another where Lenora Crichlow discovers a world divided into killers and dumb voyeurs. It’s satire at its creepiest. Especially as it’s started coming true. Watch it on 4OD and then hope someone brings Netflix’s just-announced new season to the UK.


The Returned

The Returned was originally Les Revenants, a French drama based on a 2004 film of the same name. In a small French town, dead people start reappearing – and not just the recently demised. There’s nothing of the trad zombie film here. It’s eerie yet rather beautiful, even as these reappearances cause strange phenomena and problems among the village’s families. Race through series one and you can start watching along from 16 October at 9pm on Channel 4.


The Leftovers

This US show plays on the idea of judgment day. It's set in Mapleton, New York, three years after the ‘Sudden Departure’, when two percent of the world's population disappeared. One of the two main writers also created Lost and it’s similarly mysterious: the police chief seeks explanations for the disappearances as his wife joins a new cult. Catch up on Sky Go or start on the second series on Sky Atlantic, where it began afresh last week with a new town in Texas.

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