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Super tiny animals: the world’s smallest creatures (yes, they’re also cute)

No, we didn’t just lure you in with the promise of adorable small things. They are actually right here

A baby lemur feeding from a milk teat

Tiny primate

Mouse lemurs are diddy little things at the best of times, but the Madame Berthe variety – only described as a species in 2000 – is the smallest primate in the world. They’re native to Madagascar and incredibly nippy; here’s David Attenborough doing his thing and introducing one of the tawny creatures.


Little lion

With adults weighing about the same as a stick of butter, the pygmy marmoset is the world's smallest monkey. Hailing from the rainforest canopies of Central and Southern America, they’re a social bunch, hanging out (with very long tails) in troops of about six. Head to Twycross Zoo and you can see them in person.


Majestic mini

A mostly solitary nocturnal herbivore who marks its territory with dung (marching to the beat of its own drum; we like that), the royal antelope is the tiniest of its species. Think a cross between Bambi and Thumper. San Diego Zoo nursed one through a tricky start; they’re lovely.


Small at sea

Just like their real name suggests, Little Penguins are the smallest of the aquatic birds and mainly found in southern Australia and New Zealand. They’re blueish in colour and grow to about 33cms as adults; New York’s Bronx Zoo just had their first born there so are seeing it happen first hand.

The Brookesia Micra lizard

Lizard in minor

Yes, this is a chameleon on the head of a matchstick! The tiny Brookesia Micra was discovered in Madagascar sometime between 2003 and 2007, and is threatened by habitat destruction. Unsurprisingly, they’re not frequently caught on camera; we’re quite content just to know they exist.

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