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TV series to see you through winter

We say winter but we all know you’ll binge watch them this weekend. And that’s OK. Sometimes the sofa is the only place to be


Feminist heroine

Hot on the heels of Netflix’s Daredevil, Marvel’s Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is every bit as dark. But Jessica Jones might also be the most complex, kick-ass and genuinely funny female comic book antihero we’ve ever seen. Hiding her superpowers as a private detective in Hell’s Kitchen, she’s out to get her nemesis, Kilgrave (David Tennant).


History repeated

Set in an alternate world where America lost WWII to the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy and Japan), The Man In The High Castle is an Amazon-produced adaptation of the Philip K Dick novel. Following double agent Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalos) tracing her family secret and a man hiding his Jewish heritage, it takes in murder, mystery and resistance.


Mystery man

Tapping into the threat of a world made weak by technological advances, Mr Robot follows Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), a socially anxious, depressed cyber-security engineer and super-hacker who joins a digital vigilante group hell-bent on corporate destruction, led by Christian Slater as the title character.


Slippery stuff

An oldie but a serious goodie: penned by Jane Campion, Top Of The Lake stars Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss as a New Zealand detective who returns home to investigate the disappearance of a pregnant 12 year old. Tense, harrowing and unpredictable, it’s on new on-demand service BBC Store. Watch before both writer and star return next year.


License to thrill

In Archer (now in its sixth series), egotistical animated super-spy Archer is more suave than Bond and with just as many perks to his job (booze, sex and polo necks), and he does it all in the name of government intelligence, of course. Even when his boss is actually his dictatorial mother

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