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YouTubers for the over-25s

Not this bunch. We were convinced that YouTube wasn’t really for us non-teens. But then we found some channels that we actually want to watch. Here’s our picks

A Model Recommends

YouTube is synonymous with beauty vloggers, but we’re only interested in the ones that will help us look chuffing fantastic with limited time/budgets/storage space. Ruth Crilly (yes, actually a model) does that – her reviews are honest, tutorials sensible and she covers other stuff too, like fashion and being a mum.

Books and Quills

Sanne Vliegenthart has been filming book reviews for years (also known as a BookTuber, which sounds rude). Originally from the Netherlands, but now living in London and working for Penguin, she also features interviews, looks at cover art, and has some generally excellent book chat. Especially good if you’re into YA fiction.

Sorted Food

You might have seen these guys on a TV ad; don’t let that put you off. Sorted Food are four mates (one actual chef, three friends) having a good time and demoing good food in a simple way. If you miss how much fun Saturday Kitchen was when James Martin was in charge *cries*, this fills the void *wipes away tears*.

Shirley B. Eniang

YouTube veteran Shirley B. Eniang focuses on fashion (she also has a style blog), with makeup tutorials and lifestyle chat thrown in too. It’s like taking tips from a much cooler, better-dressed friend; she features simple, realistic outfits for normal bodies and shows you how to make them look good in a nice, calm way. We like the calm ones.

The Great War

Somewhere between a history documentary and a podcast, The Great War is a word-of-mouth favourite. People are mad for it! Stockholm-based Texan host Indy Neidell also wrote it, and it is a blow-by-blow account of what happened and who did what in WW1. You will get hooked, hooked on education.

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