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Winona forever: Ms Ryder’s greatest hits (apart from Stranger Things)

She’s all everyone can talk about right now, thanks to Netflix’s heart-pumping Stranger Things. But Winona Ryder has lived in our hearts for a lot longer

Winona Ryder in Heathers


This wasn’t just the cult ship that launched a thousand fancy dress costumes. Winona’s role as high school anti-heroine Veronica Sawyer – who’s had enough of the girls who rule her teenage roost – proved that she could do troubled, complex and downright bad, and we’d still root for her. Buy for £12.99, Amazon

Winona Ryder in Little Women

Little Women

Louisa May Alcott’s March sisters are one of literature’s most famous families. Playing Jo (who ages 10 years – no mean feat), she brings just the right amount of hot-headedness, frustration and wry wit to a young woman looking for more from life than ladies in the 1860s could expect. Buy for £5.99, HMV

Winona Ryder animated in A Scanner Darkly

A Scanner Darkly

In Richard Linklater’s animated adaption of Philip K Dick’s science fiction novel – set in an America that’s lost the war on drugs and is under intrusive surveillance – Winona is Donna, dealer to the disturbed Bob (Keanu Reeves), who ends up being every bit as integral to the story as him. And gets under your skin. Rent for £2.49, Talk Talk TV Store

Winona Ryder in Black Swan

Black Swan

Don’t worry, we almost forgot she was in this too. The psychological dance thriller might surround Natalie Portman’s ingénue, but Winona is practically scene-stealing in her cameo as Beth, a principal quickly unravelling by being forced out of the ballet company to make room for a new, younger star. Rent for £3.49, Amazon

Winona Ryder in Show Me A Hero

Show Me A Hero

When The Wire’s David Simon cast her as real-life, tough City Council president Vivvi Restiano opposite Oscar Isaac in HBO’s New York-set drama about desegregation, it was clear that giving her a character to grow over episodes really worked. Clearly Netflix took notice; and what a good thing. Buy for £19.99, Zavvi

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