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Breaking all the (colour) rules

Previously, combining pink and red was something that well-dressed people didn’t do. It’s nonsense, though. Look at these pairings.


Full and fine

The full red skirt is a fashion-blogger favourite. It makes a statement and the colour jumps out as you scroll through Instagram. This version has a glamourous satin look and a bow, but also (fanfare) pockets. Stand out but dress down by teaming it with a hot pink sweater. Skirt, £56, Closet London; Jumper, £130, Banana Republic.


Flamingo magic

Emerald Street writer Kat has a flamingo on her desk that she has named Derek McGill. Your guess is as good as ours. If you want a Derek (why Derek?) of your own, look to this beaded suede clutch. We like the contrast of the strong red against this suitably flamingo pink dress. Suede clutch, £58.95, Anthropologie; dress, £45, Cos.


Punk feelings

Mohair and vinyl are two fabrics favoured during the punk era. Find your own spirit of rebellion and then put on this baby pink ladder-knit jumper and this tomato-coloured vinyl mini. Wear with clompy boots and a slight sense of guilt that you’ve appropriated a meaningful subculture for reasons of fashion. Jumper, £39, Topshop; skirt, £22.99, Zara.


Patently perfect

One for the autumn, this dark burgundy red jumper is all about cosiness. Add a bit more edge to its soft textures and clean lines by pairing it with these pink patent ankle boots (and a skirt or a pair of jeans in the middle, but hopefully you wouldn’t need that pointing out). Jumper, £35, &Other Stories; boots, £50, River Island.


Let your slip show

If you’re breaking one fashion rule, why not give your mum and grandma conniptions and run around with your petticoat showing, too? Ok, this slip dress in delicate pink is actually a dress. It also looks great with a loose red jersey dress layered over the top. Pink Motel dress, £24, TopShop; Red MM6 Mason Margiela, £265, Net A Porter.

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