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Challenge your limits with Nike’s Unlimited You Event

50 of our readers have the chance to experience it for free

It’s time to unleash your unlimited potential and push yourself further than you ever thought possible. This summer, Nike presents Unlimited You: a groundbreaking, high intensity workout experience in the heart of east London, set to a bespoke soundtrack by Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard from Hot Chip and immersive light installations by Artisan, from the creative studio established by United Visual Artists. You’ll be pushed to run faster and train harder by Nike Master Trainers, in partnership with Barry’s Bootcamp and Kobox, at an experience that defies all conventions.

We’ve teamed up with Nike to offer 50 of our readers the chance to experience it for free.

The only person who can tell you your limits is you…and even then you don’t have to listen. Unlimited You runs from 19-21 August, with multiple sessions over these days. Each session will last 2.5 hours. Unlimited You is open to both men and women. #JUSTDOIT

Click below to experience Unlimited You for free on Friday 19 August

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