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Are retro ice lollies still any good?

Our verdicts are in

We went to the corner shop and dug around in the freezer for the most old-school pops on offer. They melted down our hands, but was it worth it? Our verdicts are in


Just one Cornetto

“When my Dad took me to the shops as a kid for an ice cream I would always get a Cornetto. I think it’s because the cone stopped me from getting all kinds of messy,” remembers digital production assistant Paris. “It's like four in one: the top chocolate and nuts medley, vanilla ice cream, a cone coated with chocolate inside AND (the best bit) a secret chocolate chunk hidden at the bottom of the cone.”


Magic stick

Marketing and promotions executive Jess was pleasantly surprised by her Mr Freeze. “Oh my goodness. It tastes like a dream. I forgot just how good they were. The strawberry one tastes almost like frozen Calpol (in a good way). I would eat five blue raspberry ones until my brain was frozen and my tongue bright blue. Definitely the coolest pop in the universe.”


Is it a monster?

“The best bit about eating my Mint Feast was when an enthusiastic stranger rushed passed me, had a little look at the ice cream dripping down my hands and shouted, ‘Is that a minty Feast?! It is! Cor, nice one!’” says writer Kat. “No word of a lie; this is, indeed, a nice one. Not to mention responsible for making chocolate, ice cream and biscuit three of my main food groups since 1997.”


Clockwork orange

“The Calippo was the taste of summer in my sixth form,” recalls editor Anna. “It brings back strong memories of Underworld’s Born Slippy and of getting sticky orange drops of it on a knackered copy of Othello. The Calippo isn’t quite as sweet and chemically as I remember – have they changed it? It’s got a pleasing orange sherbet flavour, but it’s still really hard to eat without looking suggestive.”


Let’s twist again

Marketing executive Tania is getting nostalgic. “For me, the Twister is the taste of the ’90s. After licking off the thawed ice it revealed a delicious spiral of flavours: the ice cream in combination with the sharp citrusy ice lolly and the unexpected berry centre is a true taste sensation. It always was and will continue to be my number one choice of ice lolly on a hot (or rainy) summer’s day.”

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