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London’s best Espresso Martinis

To wake you up and f*** you up

Hannah Parvaz, certified cocktail connoisseur & Head of Marketing at Drinki - the app that lets you drink at London’s best bars for free - fills us in on five of her favourite coffee cocktails

The legend goes that Dick Bradsell first created the espresso martini after a model sauntered into his bar and asked him to make something to wake her up and fuck her up.

Fast forward a few decades and there are so many twists on that classic serve that you’re probably pulling your hair out at where to go. So, to save you that stress, I’ve picked five bars who are really hitting my spot.

Dishoom Espresso Martini

Monsoon Martini

Dishoom Shoreditch

As well as being one of my all time favourite eateries (black dahl, come to me), the cocktails at Dishoom are not something to be missed. Mixing chilli liqueur, black walnut bitters, espresso, and vodka has never tasted so good and it’ll even leave you with a cheeky tingle in the back of your throat. Good news - you can get these at the bar, so you won’t even need to wait two hours for a table. Phew! 

Clerkenwell Grind Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini

Clerkenwell Grind

With the Grind family dominating the London coffee scene since 2011, it’s no surprise that when they switched their focus to cocktails they’d turn their home roasted coffee beans into one of the best espresso martinis in the city. 

Four Sisters Townhouse Espresso Martini

Russian Lover

Four Sisters Townhouse St Paul’s 

This matcha infused tasty little number is a twist on a conventional espresso martini. It combines vodka with pistachio cream, espresso, and vanilla syrup to give you a dark green delight that you won’t forget in a hurry. 

Peckham Springs Espresso Martini

Classic Espresso Martini

Peckham Springs

Few things would summon me to the south of the river, but this drinking hole is one of them. Heralded with the “best value cocktails in London”, the espresso martinis here are made with white creme de cacao and locally sourced coffee beans, best enjoyed perusing the gallery or hanging outside on the patio. 

Espresso Martini London Cocktail Club

Affogato Martini

London Cocktail Club Goodge Street

Everyone’s favourite simple dessert is the humble affogato - made by drowning ice cream in espresso. At London Cocktail Club, they one-up it by shaking up espresso with Kahlua and vodka and serving it with vanilla ice cream on the side. Word on the street is that if you ask nicely they might even make your martini with caramel vodka. Grab this one and surrender your body to it.

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