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Delightfully different cheeses

We called the experts

You might think you Manchego from your Mahón, but we called in the experts to find out what the newest cheeses on the board are


Mountain milk

For Andy Swiscoe, owner of The Courtyard Dairy, “The best new cheese on the scene has to be Summer Field Alpine. It is made only in the summer months when the cows are out at pasture, to an Alpine-style (think Gruyere/Comte) but on the North Yorkshire Moors. It has a rich flavour coupled with a caramel nuttiness like the best Beauforts.” £7.80 for 250g, The Courtyard Dairy


So individual

“Jonny and Dulcie Crickmore began producing Baron Bigod in 2013,” says Lydia West, cheesemonger at Neal’s Yard Dairy. “It is both like and unlike a traditional Brie de Meaux. It has a distinctively layered paste: the core has a yoghurty acidity, progressively more unctuous, mellow and vegetal towards the rind. Aromas are of mushroom and earth.” £23.10 for 650g, Neal’s Yard Dairy


Sheep and stones

“Fresh ewe’s milk cheese Pave Cobble, made at White Lake Cheese in Somerset,” is Joseph Yaeger’s pick, senior cheesemonger at La Fromagerie. “A series of deliciously earthy moulds develop on the rind as it matures. On the palate its' silky and sweet, with notes of fresh cream followed by cobnuts and just a hint of that lanolin gaminess we expect from sheep’s milk.” Contact La Fromagerie


Creamy crop

“At the moment I'm really excited by Cornish Gouda with Fenugreek,” says Ian Wellens, owner and director of The Cheese Shed. “This is a great local version of the famous cheese made by a Dutch family in Cornwall. The fenugreek is a spin on the tradition of using cumin - and is what makes it unique.” £7.49 for 250g, The Cheese Shed


Fresh fancy

“Rollright is a delicious, semi-soft, washed rind cheese,” says Ros Windsor, Managing Director of Paxton & Whitfield. “It has a peachy coloured rind and a delicious full flavour that is savoury and meaty with hints of sweet buttery notes. It was inspired by the French cheese Reblochon." £9.50 per 250g, Paxton & Whitfield

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