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Surprising dinners, dips and desserts that all contain cauliflower

The blandest of Sunday lunch veg has had a makeover and is sneaking into dinners, dips and desserts. Cauli-power!


Base instincts

Proving its versatility once and for all, cauliflower appears in this pizza recipe as the crust. The Lucky Penny blog has both dairy and non-dairy versions, but we love cheese so this is our favourite. It’s delicious – though do wring out the cauli or you get a slightly soggy base (we tried).


We <3 hidden veg

What’s this? Creamy vegan pasta?! And cauliflower is the reason. Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows is an ace vegan cook and her fettuccine alfredo is a delight. Creaminess comes from whizzed up cauli and almond milk, while nutritional yeast and garlic create the cheesy flavour.


Sweet brassicas

Yes, that is a chocolate cake with secret cauli. The veg keeps the cake moist, so no oil needed. It’s also egg-free so you can make a fudgy undercooked version – a genius recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie's blog, dedicated to making healthier desserts. We’re so down with that.



Deeply dippy

Cauliflower is a big hit with those who follow the paleo plan, as it can replace carbs and grains pretty effectively. In Cook Eat Paleo’s hummus recipe, Lisa Wells blends roasted cauliflower with tahini and garlic instead of chickpeas. So simple and surprisingly delicious.


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