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New herbal teas: put these in your teacup

Peppermint and chamomile are all well and good, but now we’re making more cups of the hot stuff, here’s some new herbs we’re giving a whirl

Jekka's Herbs

Bow down

Jekka and Mac McVicar grow over 650 varieties of herbs on their Alleston farm. One of these is loose holy basil. Yes, you cook with it, but in tea form it’s peppery with an interesting mix of sweet and spice – that’s why it’s a single infusion, it doesn’t need anything else. £4.50 for 50g, Jekkas Herb Farm

Tea Huggers tea

Yer, mate

We’ve recently discovered what yerba mate actually is: fellow newcomers, it is part of the holly family, traditionally drunk in Argentina as a similar stimulant to coffee. Tea Huggers’ Good Morning tea is blended with ginseng (invigorating) and ginkgo (good for concentration). Give us some. Give us some now. £4.50 for 15 tea bags, Tea Huggers

Teapigs tea

Go cocoa

If you’re really into things that taste like a mint Cornetto, Teapig’s chocolate and mint will hit that spot, but in a wintery, warming, doesn’t-drip-all-over-your-hand kind of way. It’s made with actual choc chips, along with cocoa husks and peppermint for an herbal hit. Steep for a bit longer than suggested. £3.99 for 15 tea temples, Teapigs

Pukka Tea Turmeric gold

Golden wonder

Turmeric may be best known as what makes tikka masala stain when you inevitably drop it down your top. But don’t let that put you off having it in tea. Pukka’s Turmeric Gold adds it to lemon, cardamom and green leaf tea for something more delicate (that won’t stain your teeth). £2.49 for 20 tea bags, Pukka Teas

Dr Stuart's Green Tea

We see weeds

Dr Stuart’s Extraordinary Teas make interesting brews that use active botanicals and taste delicious. The warming green tea, ginger and seaweed variety uses green stuff that’s been hand-picked from the coastline of Northern France; who needs an ice breaker when you’re serving that up to a new neighbour? £2.99 for 15 tea bags, Dr Stuart’s

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