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Rice waffles: a waffley good breakfast

Bored of pancakes? Weekend editor Anna-Marie Crowhurst takes her US brunch to the next level with Southern-style rice waffles. Get the sweat pants ready

There are many things about (Southern) American food we find amazing. The preponderance of getting lovely things and deep frying them and making them lovelier. The unholy combinations of sweet and savoury. And now: rice waffles, which we didn’t know about ‘til this recipe from Deep South by Brad McDonald (Quadrille, £25) but are quickly adding to our list of favourite carbs. Yes, you need to buy a waffle iron to make them if you haven’t got one – or you can just deep fry spoonfuls of the batter. But who doesn’t need a waffle iron in their life?

Serves 4-6
200g long-grain rice
120ml warm water
10g fresh yeast
50g caster sugar, plus 2 tsp
300g plain flour
3 eggs

Cook the rice in one litre of water at a rolling boil for 20 minutes, then drain. This should yield 375g overcooked rice. Cool slightly, then put the rice into a food processor with the warm water, yeast and two teaspoons of sugar and blend to a smooth paste. Leave this sponge for about an hour, until doubles in size.

Transfer the sponge to a bowl, add the flour, the rest of the sugar and eggs and beat until smooth. Cover and leave to prove again for about an hour, until doubled in size. This batter will keep, covered, in the fridge for two days.

Grease and heat a waffle iron. Fill with the batter and cook according to the manufacturer’s instructions. I like to serve the waffles with sorghum syrup, or you can serve them alongside Southern Fried Chicken for a great breakfast.

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