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Put your pots where the plants are: five of the best planters

Indoor plants might be having a moment, but nothing beats an outside pot when you’ve got a garden, balcony or doorway to work with

A bay tree and a hedge in metal plant pots

Front door goals

Ever walk past a really nice looking house and long for the bay trees flanking the doorway? Half the neat-tree battle is what they’re sitting in – and these metal Tetbury Planters from Idyll Home would actually be ideal. Or at least a good reason to go and buy the bay trees. £35, Idyll Home

Three plants in turquoise patterned pots

For herbivores

These terracotta pots are like something you’d find in a secret garden – ornate, they look like they have seen some things, and are all the better for age. Surprise! They are actually from Anthropologie, and would be ideal for herbs – especially as they come in three different shapes. From £8, Anthropologie

A fern in a blue and white patterned pot against a white background

Into Africa

Yes, it’s August. But stop thinking about the impending end of summer, instead, get this planter from Homebase. The white and deep blue contrast give it Moroccan tile vibes and makes us think of being somewhere lovely and hot, so stick in a perennial and just pretend. £9.88, Homebase

Three shrubs in black matte pots against a white background

Black matte

If you like to keep a fairly minimalist outdoors area, you need plant pots that will tone down whatever you’ve got sprouting. This set of three from PR Home is perfect – it’s polished black terrazzo and because that’s lots of chips in a composite, it’s got a subtle, matte sheen. £180, Houseology

A lavendar plant in a white terracota pot on a garden wall

Old fashioned

Now this is proper. The Royal Horticultural Society has helped design this trough planter and most importantly, it is frost-proof for 10 years. We’d carry on the traditional theme and use it to home a scented clematis; it comes in three different sizes so you can upscale if it starts overflowing. From £9.95, More Than Pots

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