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Clever storage for small spaces

Box clever

If your living quarters are small, but you have lots of stuff, here are five genuinely ingenious storage solutions to tidy it all away

Clever storage for small spaces

Get wired

If you’re still a sucker for a beautiful magazine cover, stop piling them up on the floor by the sofa and make the most of this newsagent-chic wire rack instead. This one, from La Redoute, comes in zinc grey or black and has room for plenty, so you can store older copies in there as well as showing the new ones off. £49, La Redoute

Clever storage for small spaces

Book it

Boxes disguised as books might have been something you had as a teenager when there were, erm, THINGS to hide from your parents. Don’t discount them now. If you’ve got a small space but do own a bookshelf *fanfare*, you can use this Zara Home one to the same effect – it’ll hold screwdrivers, spare pens etc. while masquerading as literature. £15.99, Zara Home

Clever storage for small spaces

Honey pot

Mason jars are nifty little things that will keep cotton wool, make-up and general household stuff tidied away. Only problem is, they are see-through, so everything you were trying to hide in the first place is visible. But Bear Claw Co paint theirs in brilliant colours so you can have all of the worth with none of the guilt. From £6.99, Etsy

Clever storage for small spaces

Stack that

If you need proper boxes, but you’ve run out of under-bed/above-wardrobe space to keep them out of plain site, this wooden Bloomingville set of four is just the thing. The chances are, you’ve got one of these thoroughly modern shades in your interiors scheme already, so it’ll look like you’re accessorising. £81, Amara

Clever storage for small spaces

Square peg

As excellent as peg boards are to make an Instagrammable (bleurgh) wall in your bedroom, we prefer to look at them à la legendary TV cook Julia Child. She famously hung all her pots and pans up on a pegboard in her kitchen, which saved a huge amount of storage space and probably meant she never lost anything down the back of a cupboard. From £40, Grace and Glory

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