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Five legit reasons for a duvet day

If you don’t own a winter duvet, switch up your bedding for something warmer instead. Here’s five of the softest, cosiest sets we could find.


New jersey

When a material is named after a place famed for its exceptional knitting, you know it’s going to up the comforting ante. Urban Outfitters have gone and made a whole bed linen set out of jersey in a heather grey, and for this we give thanks. From £55, Urban Outfitters


Crushed it

Not content with making beds an even snugger place to wait for the central heating to click on (too soon?), Loaf’s piece-died crushed linen Topsy Turvy set is also reversible. So you can get all symbolic and go light grey for winter, then sky blue for spring. From £35, Loaf


Warm flannel

Orla Kiely’s oversized floral prints never get old. If you’ve not dipped your toe in yet, this bit of flannel bedroom kit is a great place to start – soft as you like, in dark grey and white, so you can match it to anything. Individual pieces from £28, Orla Kiely


Go easy

Nothing sounds quite as glorious as ‘soft-washed linen’ – yes, this is plain-old-boring linen’s cooler cousin, the one that’s hardy but doesn’t really need ironing. The crushed creases are part of its jam. Anthropologie’s delightful denim blue version is also incredibly soft, of course. From £208, Anthropologie


Line of duty

If you like a stripe but want something more monochrome than candy (if not, head to Tony’s), this smart grey wide pinstripe set from West Elm is the one. It’s made of ultra-soft flannel, so it looks the business but feels nothing like a crisp suit. Which is helpful. From £24, West Elm


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