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All of the (outside) lights

We can still wring out a few more nights sitting outside. Candles might help. Or lanterns. Anything portable, really. Here’s our choice.

Anthropologie candleholders

Take them all

Anthropologie always manages to seduce by selling things you see on holiday. Or on smug people’s Instagrams. So, naturally, although these wicker, glass and leather candle-holding lanterns start at £9.95 and finish at £25.95, we want to buy enough to open a Thai restaurant and spend an eye-bleeding amount.

Nordic house lantern

Nordic nights

If anyone knows about bringing light into the darkness, it’s the Swedes (all those winter months with no daylight). These lanterns are made of heavy, pale green glass, cut with a geometric pattern. They’re simple, but not too plain, and stocked by Scandinavian specialists Nordic House at £30 each.

Notonthehighstreet woodern lanterns

Top woodens

This wood and glass lantern looks like the kind of thing you’d pick up in a jumble sale in a Cornish fishing village. Except it’s from Not On The High Street seller All Things Brighton Beautiful at £18.85 and you won’t have to scrub tar splatters and fish scales off it.

Traditional gas lantern

The original fire

Feuerhand lanterns have been made in Germany since 1902. Once the bottom reservoir is full of fuel, the lamp will burn for up to 20 hours with no flickering. This is a design classic as far as outside lanterns go and you can get one in the UK from Happy Camping for £21.95.

Candle box from Greige

Light box

We like this twist on ‘candles in a metal box’ that encourages you to use several tea lights, rather than one solid pillar candle. The base of the zinc and glass box is also mirrored to maximise the light you get from your tiny candles. Prices start at £26.50 for the smallest size from home retailer Greige.

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