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Nu-skool stationery

Now’s the time to pretend you’ve got a new class timetable and stock up on excellent stationery essentials.

Fountain pen

Write on

Get past the fact that your handwriting has almost certainly degenerated since you used to write entire essays by hand, and the feel of a weighty Sheaffer cartridge pen in your fingers will trigger a pleasurable jolt of muscle memory. Now the only question is whether we fill it with the pretentious lavender ink of our Morrissey-loving youth, or a more sober and chic navy. £37.50, WH Smith


High scrawl

A highlight of any summer holiday in France was stocking up on Clairefontaine exercise books in the hypermarché stationery aisle. A French colleague assures us that the traditional ‘Seyès’ pages, neatly criss-crossed with a grid of pale lines, are the reason all citizens of the Republic have such beautiful, distinctive handwriting. See if it has the same effect on you at work. £1.30, Bureau Direct

Habitat in tray

Get in!

We may depend more on inboxes than in trays these days, but you still need somewhere to store faffy bits of paper and Habitat’s gold mesh file tray is a glamorous solution. It doesn’t fit with today’s rather po-faced understanding of modernity, but rather the ‘80s interpretation - think Blade Runner, Blitz Kids and GOLD (thanks to Spandau Ballet) on everything. £15, Habitat

Colourful notepads

Duly noted

It’s important to always keep a small notebook handy for jotting down to-do lists and ideas for the Great Twenty First Century Novel and if they’re easy on the eye, so much the better. Copenhagen-based type foundry PlayType are obsessed with fonts and typography and create simple, beautiful stationery like this set of three pocket-sized notebooks. £14.95, Liberty

Laptop brush by Hay

Brush strokes

You might not think you need a laptop brush, but consider for a moment the detritus that collects in your keyboard on a daily basis. Suitably disgusted? Allow us to introduce you to this one, from Hay. Of course it looks like a mini piece of mid-century design (to clean their typewriters?), of course it’s made from beechwood, and of course it's got a coarser brush for getting around the keys (shudder) and a softer side for the screen. Please design the rest of our lives too. Hay. £17, COS

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