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The future of flatpack: the best non-Ikea furniture you can build yourself

Flat-pack furniture is quicker to get your hands on, easier to take apart when you move and saves money. But there’s more than one place to buy it…

A minimalist white desk and with a computer

Biggs & Quail

The young London-based company started from the founders’ desire for something simple but hard to find – a good desk that would last. Some of their pieces are handmade or bespoke, but the mid-century-style Hairpin Desk is flat packed; all you need is a flat-head screwdriver or a coin (yes, a coin!). From £475, Biggs & Quail

A simple grey felt sofa on a white background


What’s the worst bit of moving house? The sofa. This Stockholm-based design studio have come up with the Palo seating system which has removable struts, meaning you can build it at home and add or take away pieces as your needs change, which makes the price feel valid. From £640, Hem



Meet the brand founded on one simple idea – clamp-on table legs. They’ve now got lots of great products designed for city living (including a bed that doesn’t need tools to assemble) but these are still their USP – great looking supports you can take anywhere and attach to almost any surface. From £161.70, Floyd

A square iron shelf


Walls have to do a lot more than just hold a few shelves these days – they’re the basis for valuable storage space. This Italian design studio’s iPot system is, well, really basic. But you can keep adding to it and filling it with plant holders, shelves and cool bags in 23 colour options. From £53.05, iPot

A simple three legged wooden stool on a white background


Call us aggressive, but this is our favourite. This Ireland-based company is actually a result of flatpack angst; you get everything you need to make the Wooden Creepie stool in a box, and whack it together in no time at all with wooden wedges and a mallet, which is a throwback to traditional techniques. From £33.37, Whackpack

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