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The lowdown on drying

Towels of all shapes and sizes

There are towels of all shapes, sizes and materials. Do we really need so many things to dry ourselves with? (Yes.) We’ve unpicked the confusing world of towels for you…


Soaking in the tub

Bathtime is where you need a large, fluffy, machine washable towel. Canadian brand Abyss & Habidecor specialise in just this and UK site Amara has a large selection. Its Egyptian cotton bath towel is 650gsm, the very top end of what you should expect from a towel in terms of quality. Cozi towel, £51, Amara


Gym-ing it

For a lunchtime session at the gym, you want a towel that will roll up small, offer decent coverage and dry quickly. 100% cotton Turkish towels, AKA hamam towels, fit the bill and also look pretty swish. This one is made in Turkey but distributed by UK-based Hamam Havlu. Sapphire, £25, Hamam Havlu


Off to the beach

This is where you want one of those huge round towels that you've seen draped over the shoulders of Instagrammers on sun-kissed beaches. Aless Boutique, launched today, does some of the best in this category – its towels are made from thick 100% cotton and at 150cm, will allow you to really stretch out. Round towel, £39.99, Aless Boutique


Quick swim

With all the faff of swimming (finding 20p for the locker, navigating hairballs in the shower, over heating the hairdryer) the last thing you want is a cumbersome towel. Instead, buy this fleece-like microfiber version, which dries quickly, rolls up small and comes in several colours. Microfiber towel, £5.99, Decathlon

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