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The long road back to fitness

For a non-fitness person

It recently struck me that I had become a bit unfit - *lets out chilling scream*. Long periods chained, bent and unmoving, to my desk combined with a long-distance commute that left me ga-ga with tiredness had reduced my exercise routine to, basically, a bit of strolling. I had started to feel sluggish, permanently weary and mildly ill.

I’m not by any stretch of the imagination a “fitness person.” I’ve never worked out in more than a casual manner. I don’t “eat clean and train dirty” (or have any aspirations to do so, as I suspect it might be *coughs* BULLSH!T *coughs*). But, I really do like the way exercise makes me feel. The endorphins, the health boost, the body strengthening and the fact that it somehow keeps my stressed brain on an even keel. But it had all fallen away. I was crawling around the house like a sad amoeba. I had to GET BACK ON IT.

Getting back into exercise after a time away from it (or for practically the first time) is awful, don’t let anyone tell you differently. So, to make myself go through the mild torture I knew was coming, I did two things. 1) I got new workout gear. 2) I MIXED IT UP.

1) I have previously written about my disinterest in nice exercise clothing, but that was until someone bought me some fancy Lulu Lemon stuff and I realised there is actually a point to well-made fit-for-purpose workout gear! Who knew? I’m now the proud owner of leggings made from a sweat-stopping techno fabric that has magical sucky-in powers so that when I put these bad boys on I look like a super buff fitness lady! YESSSS. They do not go baggy despite washing them 700 times; AND they have a mesh detail, which I enjoy so much I am constantly pointing at my calf and saying “mesh detail” to anyone who happens to be nearby. I love my mesh detail and I can’t stop saying it. Mesh detail.

2) I used to go to the gym, but I changed jobs and became gymless. Then I was doing lunchtime park runs, but I injured myself and became runless. My friend, who is an advocate of doing lots of different classes, so that you never get bored and de-motivated inspired me to sign up to Boom Cycle. It’s a non-pretentious and friendly (this is so important), but still cool, spinning class with pumping music, enthusiastic instructors and lovely dark studios, so you can sit down when no one’s looking really get into the zone, maaaan. It’s like going clubbing while running up a mountain. And, because I love dancing, I’ve also started at Xtend Barre, a hardcore ballet-based class with lots of floaty arms and toe pointing, if you like that sort of thing, which I DO. There are also weights and core-work and yoga moves and I sweated so much it went in my EYES.

The first week back into exercise made me feel like I’d been mown down by a tractor. The second week, a mid-range saloon-style car. But I’m on the third week and I’m already starting to feel better. I’m starting to feel good. I’m starting to feel fit!

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