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The best Valentine’s cards from local artists

Because if you’re going to lovingly poke fun at a cherished one, you may as well support local creatives at the same time

Valentine's card from North Wales artist Clare Corfield-Carr

Koala-ty time

Clare Corfield-Carr is *technically* not from Manchester, but we’ve put her in as she pops over from Wales for Maker’s Markets on a regular basis. Also, she really knows her innuendoes. There are a lot of NSFM cards in her range (that’s Not Safe For Mantelpiece – take them down before your mum comes over) but we really like this “You’re Bearable” sketch (left). And yes, we did giggle at the card with the willy pun on it.


Always a catch

Let’s be real – if you’re buying someone a Valentine’s Day card, you’ve probably spent a fair bit of time with them (unless any of you still send anonymous secret admirer cards? Tell us!) because other humans are annoying. This card (left) is brutally honest but covers all the necessary loving criteria you need it to, and Sioux Alice does have some less aggressive options if you’re nicer than we are.

Valentine's Card from Manchester-based artist Fairy Made

Face squishes

Claire Legg, owner of Fairy Made Paperart, has got two rather lovely dogs as her muses, and their gorgeous faces feature heavily in her work. If you’ve got a dog lover in your life, these simple ink sketches are perfect. This one (left) is our favourite, because we like the romanticised courtship between two canines that would in reality just sniff each other’s rears.

Valentine's Card from Manchester-based artist Sunflowers in the Sea

Bitchy comment

Ah, a card from a relative. We have *all* been there. You’d probably be offended if you received this “Better to be single than be with a b*tch/idiot” card, but only for a second, because you know the sender has got a point. Cheshire-based designer Sunflowers In The Sea’s work is often on display at various Makers Market events across Greater Manchester.

Valentine's Card from Manchester-based artist Mia Hague

On a whimsy

There’s nothing sarcastic about these cards, but they are so charming that we had to give them a mention anyway. Artist Mia Hague uses mixed-media techniques to make her greetings cards – collages of old maps, photographs and found objects with whimsical, fantastical sketches over the top. If your Valentine loves The Wind In The Willows, or is a travelbug, these are spot on.

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