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The most interesting properties on the market right now

We’ve spent a few hours having a property perv, and these are the homes that piqued our interest

One of the most expensive properties on the market in Manchester

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The scale of this property is astonishing. What is one even supposed to do with this much floor space? And cream carpets, too – we’re scared to invest in a white Ikea rug in case we spill wine on it. The listing notes that this eight-bedroom mansion has ‘extensive grounds’ – there’s more green space here than in all of inner-city Manchester, plus three glass boobs in the garden. £6.75 million; Gascoigne Halman

One of the cheapest properties on the market in Manchester

In your face, London

According to Rightmove, Gorton is the most affordable part of Greater Manchester, with the average property costing £95,635 (Castle Green, the cheapest area in London, clocked in at an average of £259,690). Look at this place! Sure, it’s cosy – there’ll be a lot of sofa pivoting to get all your furniture in – but it’s finished to a high spec and we think it’s rather lovely. The bus into the city centre only takes 15 minutes from here, too. £83,500; Kaye Mackenzie

Manchester's property market is booming with developments such as St John's village

Virtual insanity

If you look for inner-city properties in Manchester at the minute, you’ll find an awful lot of CGI. Our skyline is peppered with cranes as the city centre grows upwards at an alarming rate, and the market is littered with properties that haven’t actually been built yet. The St John’s ‘village’ development is the one everyone’s talking about, and this staggeringly beautiful three-bedroom apartment (with two private terraces) is pretty special. And pretty pricey. £900,000; JLL

An industrial apartment in Manchester's Northern Quarter

Tom Hardy spotting

There are still plenty of actually built, you-can-touch-this, bricks-and-mortar city centre apartments on the market – your only problem is fighting off the overseas investors to get into one. Just look at this rather gorgeous two-bedroom Northern Quarter apartment. It’s situated right in one of the area’s most Manhattan-esque streets, and is very close to where Peaky Blinders has been filming recently. We especially like the steel beams running across the ceiling – *very* industrial. £189,950; Thornley Groves

A terrace in Manchester's suburbs

The park-side dream

If we were to write down a dream five-year plan, a lot of us would end up with an affordable home near some green space with at least a couple of dogs in tow (or is that just us?), and Prestwich seems like a good place to start. For £160,000, you can get this rather lovely three-bedroom terrace house, which is just a couple of minutes’ stroll from Heaton Park. It’s got two lounges, fireplaces, and actual flowers growing around the door. Idyllic. £160,000; Normie & Co

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