Rose Petal Vodka

From Felicity Cloake's The A-Z Of Eating

The season of ice-cold adult beverages is upon us. But one can become quickly jaded by white wine spritzers, shandies and negronis and crave something much more… botanical. And pretty. And elegant. Which is why we love this, almost stupidly, simple recipe for Rose Petal Vodka from Felicity Cloake’s The A-Z Of Eating (£25, Fig Tree). The ingredients are 1) Rose petals and 2) Vodka. And though you have to leave it for a few days the result is rose-infused PINK VODKA. That’s right! Use it to entrance your friends with your sophistication and foraging skills. Or just drink it. *glug*

(makes 700ml)


4 fragrant, unsprayed pink/red roses (2 needed for each stage of the process)1 medium bottle of vodka (about 700ml)


This makes a lovely blush-pink long drink with tonic and is gorgeous over ice.

1. Shake the roses to dislodge any insects, then carefully pick off the petals. Decant the vodka into a large jar or wide jug.

2. Put the petals of two roses into the jug and stir once, then seal with a lid or cling film and leave it somewhere sunny for three or four days; the vodka will turn a beautiful pink colour (unless your roses are yellow or white, of course).

3. Strain to remove the petals, then repeat the process with the second lot of roses (if you prefer a subtler infusion, you can skip this second step). Strain and pour back into the bottle. You can add fresh petals just before serving if you’d like it to look even prettier.