Banned at school? Five uniform rule-breaking fashion items to wear now

Do you remember wearing items that you knew were banned at school? That had teachers calling your name down a corridor? Well, there's no one to tell you off now

Jigsaw black skirt

The short skirt

How many times were you told to pull your skirt down, unroll it (*guilty*) or buy a brand new one that wasn’t made completely of unnatural fibres? And all because “it’s meant to be below the knee, girls!” Not anymore. Jigsaw’s flannel navy mini is smart and looks great with a white shirt. £98, Jigsaw

Trainers with light up soles

The trainers

Remember those light-up trainers you had that were banned from class? Even regular sneaks were a no-no. Those spoilsports. Well (and this is not a drill) Wize and Ope have made flashing soles for adults. You can get them in a range of colours (and metallics!) but we like black best. £126, Asos

Poem t-shirt from Young British Designers

The sweary t-shirt

How best to keep warm in winter AND show your allegiance to Rage Against the Machine than on a slogan tee, visible under your thin white school shirt? This hand-printed, romantic top from designer Simeon Farrar does slogan-wear in a grown-up way. You don’t need to keep it covered, either. £90, Young British Designers

A girl wearing a choker

The choker

No one really liked wearing a school tie (unless you made it really short or *accidentally* dipped the end in paint). But the one thing they did do was hide a necklace – like this Urban Outfitter’s shimmer choker – if you did it up high enough. At lunch break you’d undo the top button to show it off. £8, Urban Outfitters

A box of hair chalk and six crayons

Unnatural hair

Every generation had their own way of strobing strands (coloured mascara, Manic Panic) But the ultimate in temporary transformations is hair chalk. Back then, you’d be sent home to wash it out right that minute. Now, you’ve got a rainbow of choices. Go mad for it. From £3.79, Hair Chalk

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