Customise your denim

Give your denim a summer makeover with this patchwork trend

Patch-embossed denim is all over the high street but you can easily create your own designs with iron-on patches. Here’s some inspiration. (Make sure the iron is clean and don’t attempt to do this on the carpet. Sounds obvious, then you get caught up in the moment and end up with a knackered iron and melted carpet on your stuff.)


Decorative pins

London-based Saltspin does a small but consistently reliable line of jeans made from soft and durable denim. Its Zinc Slouch (£140) style is a snug boyfriend cut with small distressed details, which lend themselves to a cluster of patches up the right-hand leg, towards the pocket. Portland-born Stay Home Club (from £6, Beach London) has several complementary designs that would work well together. We have particular love for the arts and craft inspired badge bordered with “I will make it out of this alive”. Worth remembering during bad hangovers.


Summer denim

“It’s too hot for a denim jacket.” There’s a sentence we didn’t expect to be saying anytime soon. A denim waistcoat, on the other hand, is just right for this upturn in weather. River Island’s charcoal sleeveless jacket (£40) is the perfect canvas for a handful of bright patches from playful Canadian brand Rosehound (from £5, Lazy Oaf). We suggest: the swan, ‘She wore blue velvet’ and wabbit patch on the front left shoulder; and the 9-inch wide ‘Give em hell’ quote on the back. Fierce.


Shorts for professionals

We are officially into daisy dukes season. Magazine pages and Instagram feeds are beginning to blossom with photos of ridiculously short denim pants. We mean shorts. Great if you’re off to a festival or the beach but they’re not very suitable for tomorrow are they? Knee length denim shorts are though, especially when worn with a buttoned up shirt and sandals. These shorts (£19.99, H&M) don’t need much adornment, just a carefully placed Aloha badge (£6.50, Rosie Wonders) on the front hemline.

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