Everyone’s favourite stationer kikki-K has created this Pause range

Sorting out your life in the office, on the plane, anywhere...

We spend a fair bit of our week looking for brilliant new products (for serious work purposes), but it’s not often that we come across a range so covetable, so delightfully attractive that we find ourselves staring at the webpage and making weird noises for a full 23 minutes (it could have been 53, but our boss is reading this). So here, meet kikki-K’s range of Pause stationary, and prepare to not cope with life for that long, too. It was impossible to choose one star item so here are four – a leather travel wallet (£45), an 18-month diary with all sorts of cool features inside (£28.80), slim ball-point pens (£6 for five) and a gold in-tray (£16), which we take to justify buying an out-tray too. All kikki-K

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