Genuinely nice juices

Supernatural's new limited edition Spiced Juice range has changed our mind about juicing

We’re saying it out loud: drinking blended fruit and veg isn’t really a trend we’ve felt the need to dive into. While we fully understand the health benefits (because fruit and veg is healthy, right?) we’ve mainly been put off by the taste (one of us believes cucumbers are the devil’s work). But then Supernatural introduced us to their new limited edition Spiced Juice range and oh, goodness, it’s delicious. Using ingredients like cayenne pepper, green chilli and scotch bonnet, they hold just the right amount of heat; the Eye-Popper – which adds ginger and bell pepper to an otherwise green recipe – was spot on. The spiced selection is only available at their 86 Brick Lane branch, but it gives us high hopes for the rest, which can be ordered for nationwide delivery online. From £3.95, Sprntrl.co.uk

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