Have the world at your feet

The perfect nail and sandal combinations

Summer is the season for badass, colourful sandals and complementary nail polish so we’ve put together our favourite combinations for you


Nautical themes

Brand Ancient Greek Sandals has shown they can do more than just winged styles with this striped leather two-part sandal (£145, Oxygen Boutique). The red strap calls for red toenails. Use Nails Inc Paint Can in West End (£10), which you spray on and wash off. Yep, it really works.


Pom pom crazy

You might have seen Greek designer Elina Linardaki’s colourful, pompom strewn sandals on social media – they are perfect fodder for photographing and filtering the hell out of. These beautifully named dizzy parrots (£165, Avenue 32) look great with nails painted in Barry M Quick Dry in Full Throttle (£3.99).


Metallic flowers

Part retro swimming cap, part Joan Collins on a day off, these silver Sophia Webster lilico sliders (£235, Selfridges) need a bright polish and a floaty dress or tailored capri pants (it’s what Joan would want, we’re sure of it). As for the polish shade, Rimmel’s One Last Tango (£2.99, Boots) is a winner.


Pink power

These aptly named bombshell sandals (£45, Office) are comfortable from the get-go and make the perfect style statement when worn with either jeans or dresses. Go the whole fuchsia hog and wear with the impressive Quicker Slicker polish in Summer Lovin by 17 (£2.99, Boots).

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