Otis Batterbee slippers: not for taking the bins out

Luxury on your feet

We’ve long adored Otis Batterbee’s sleep-saving eye masks (shuts out the glare of your partner’s iPad, doesn’t stop them making sarcastic comments about how you look like Sybil Fawlty). But now they’re doing sleepwear too, and while the structural kimonos and PJs (inspired by fine tailoring) are beautiful, it’s these charming slippers that we’re really into. Slippers – yes! You might not feel it now, but it’s slowly (and probably, because we can’t really be sure… yet) approaching cold-floor season. These are ideal for a toasty feet situation. They’re the kind you absolutely wouldn’t wear to take the bins out, but instead would treasure, and luxuriate in, while very decadently doing a summer’s worth of life-admin on the sofa. Slippers, £75, Otis Batterbee

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