Shove-in-bag coats

Because we live in Britain…

Summer is a vague concept in this country (where else but here would you pack both sunscreen and an umbrella for a day in the park?). What you need is one of these lightweight layers


Holographic magic

Topshop’s metallic rain mac is semi-sheer but still totally waterproof, so you can shimmer the day/night away while keeping dry. And if you lose your friends in a festival crowd, tie it to the end of a stick and it’ll make a very effective flag. £39, Topshop


White stripes

Asos have a great selection of waterproofs right now, but this lovely number from the Curve range has officially won us over. The paint-stroke stripes give a classic print a bit of an update, and that blue goes with anything. We’re calling it the Breton top of the mac world. £25, Asos


So transparent

The second biggest issue with wearing jackets during an English summer? They hide the main event: your outfit underneath. Not so with New Look’s clear trench; being see-through, you also won’t ever have to worry about it matching your clothes. Just be careful what you put in the pockets. £22.99, New Look


Hazy days

Hunter don’t just sort your feet out for festival season; they’ve got your body covered too. Made from a rip-stop fabric, this Colour Haze jacket also has little pockets in the sleeves so you can keep your essentials on you. Plus, the colour is like red sky at night. What a delight. £325, Hunter

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