Sunglasses to transform you into one of these awesome women

Just a single pair of sunglasses turns you into whoever you want. Who will you be?


True romance

In Wayfarers you could be anybody, but in bright cyan Wayfarers you could be nobody but Patricia Arquette’s Alabama Whitman in True Romance. You may not be on the run from an underworld drug boss but that shouldn’t stop you pairing them with a matching blue bra, floaty off-the-shoulder top and pink leopard print trousers. That actually sounds pretty spot on for this summer. Raybans, £90, Asos


O – so glamorous

Oh, Jackie O, who has ever done massive sunnies better? The huge round frame is a classic for a reason – it hides a lot and suggests you might be a celebrity going under the radar. Topshop has captured Jackie O’s early 70s vibe in these. Add a polo neck, volume in the hair and stride through that airport into your adoring public. Or y’know, to meet your friends in the park. Oversized sunglasses, £16, Topshop


Returning from the future

Channel Sarah Connor’s badass robot-fighting thing from Terminator 2 with steampunky, retro-futuristic double frames. The original Matsuda frames got a relaunch last year (at a pricey $1,500) but these are a decent alternative. When no one can see your eyes and you’re pulling some of her attitude, who’s going to argue with you? Double frame sunglasses, £19, & Other Stories


Road trip or runaway

Obviously we love Thelma and Louise but it’s Louise’s freewheeling, adventurous spirit we really want to embody. In tortoiseshell cat’s eye sunglasses and a floral scarf we can at least pretend we’re off on a wild road trip across the plains of America even if we’re just nipping to the shops. Extreme cat eye sunglasses, £14, River Island


Like Lana

Lana del Rey personifies that bleached out, Americana vibe in her appearance and her music. Tinted lenses and heart-shaped frames are just what she’d wear, maybe with some flowers in her hair and a vintage nightgown, lamenting lost loves on a Californian beach. Obviously you’ll get all those vibes just from the glasses. Sunglasses, £5.99, H&M

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