The evolution of popcorn

Once you pop, you can't stop (not like that)

Popcorn, you know it. Hit the big time a couple of years ago and was all everyone could talk about, until we reached a salty-n-sweet saturation point and everyone went back to eating biscuits at their desks. Joe & Seph’s have changed things, though. They’ve been quietly growing their range of flavours (which is now vast, and includes stuff like Peanut Butter, Goats Cheese and Black Pepper, not to mention Marmite – we were lovers), but their new Coconut and Chia seed variety is a wonder. It’s sweet but not sickly, and the standard pouch isn’t too much – we would know. Because two of us, we ate it all in one go. It takes the biscuit before showing it the door. £4, Joe & Seph’s

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