The most comfortable heels in the world

Bold shoes for a bold claim

Can we just say this isn’t a claim that we’d make lightly. Sargossa shoes reckon they make the most comfortable pair of high heels you’ll find. We admit, when we first heard, cynicism got the upper hand. So we tried them. Anna, our editor, wore the Sundance Black style (£195) for the following events: one of those awkward work parties where you juggle wine, canape and handbag; a close friend’s hen party; a full day in the office; a book launch and to the pub with friends. We thought that would be enough to properly put them through their paces. And these shoes, they work. They look great, but a series of clever tricks, such as hidden gel soles, ankle support and smartly made straps mean they don’t rub, induce painful arches or make you bear all your weight on the balls of your feet. You win Sargossa shoes, although we won too.